At Athens Vein & Thoracic Specialists, we offer an array of services including diagnosis of venous disease, varicose vein closure, treatment of spider veins, and the evaluation/management of swollen legs.  The following is a summary of the treatments and procedures we perform.

Color Duplex Venous Ultrasound Exam

The modern treatment of venous disease is made possible by advances in technology. One important advancement is in ultrasound. Image quality and other features have improved significantly. Ultrasound is used to diagnose chronic venous insufficiency (reflux) and to guide the catheters and other intravascular equipment. Ultrasound is used to check for deep vein thrombosis, successful vein ablations, and other diagnostic investigations.

ClosureFast – Radiofrequency (RF) Closure

The VNUS radiofrequency (RF) Closure procedure is a targeted endovenous therapy  developed as an alternative treatment option to traditional vein stripping surgery.  It brings state-of-the-art technology that precisely and effectively treats patients suffering from Chronic Venous Insufficiency (CVI) with less pain and bruising than alternative treatments.

Clarivein – Mechanical/Chemical Closure

ClariVein® is a form of endovenous therapy used to treat varicose veins. It is a specialty infusion catheter with a rotating tip promoting controlled, well-dispersed drug coverage of the targeted treatment area. The system is fully disposable, minimally invasive, easy to use, and can be quickly performed in an office setting.

VenaSeal – Medical Adhesive Closure

The VenaSeal™ closure system permanently treats varicose veins of the legs by sealing the affected superficial veins using an adhesive agent.  The system delivers a small amount of a proprietary medical adhesive to the diseased vein. The adhesive closes the vein and blood is rerouted through nearby healthy veins.  It is is a unique approach that eliminates the risk of nerve injury when treating the small saphenous vein.

Varithena® (Polidocanol Injectable Foam)

Varithena® (polidocanol injectable foam) is a prescription medicine used to treat varicose veins caused by problems with the great saphenous vein (GSV) and other related veins in the leg’s GSV system. Varithena® improves symptoms related to or caused by varicose veins, and the appearance of varicose veins.

Asclera – Sclerotherapy (Liquid, Foam)

Sclerotherapy is a method for treating spider veins and small varicose veins.  An FDA approved medicine called Asclera™ (polidocanol) is injected into the vein using a fine needle. This creates a chemical irritation that causes cellular debris and platelets to clot the blood vessel which is eventually replaced with tissue.

Veingogh – Ohmic Thermolysis System

Ohmic Thermolysis is used to reliably treat cosmetically unacceptable conditions of telangiectasia and spider veins.  It is the unique process of themocoagulating small, blood vessels using micro-bursts of high frequency electrical energy, delivered into the vein via thin probe. The resistivity of the vessels converts the energy to heat instantly, coagulating the blood and collapsing the vein wall.

Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy

Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy (UGS) is a highly specialized procedure for treating advanced varicose veins that are hidden beneath the skin. It involves using an ultrasound machine to guide a thin needle into a vein.  A medicine called polidocanol is then injected into the vein, causing the vein to close down.  Usually the polidocanol is injected as foam.  The injection is painless.

Compression Stockings

Compression stockings are specialized hosiery designed to help prevent the occurrence of, and guard against, further progression of venous disorders such as edema, phlebitis and thrombosis. Click here for more information on compression stockings.

Combined Therapy and Treatment Plan

In patients that present several different vein issues, a compete treatment plan may involve combining several different techniques.  The goal of treatment is to eliminate venous insufficiency, relieve symptoms, improve long term health, and improve the appearance of the legs.


miraDry® is a revolutionary non-surgical treatment that permanently reduces underarm sweat, odor, and hair – in just one hour!  You’ll feel immediate results in as little as one treatment.  And the results are clinically proven to be long-lasting.  miraDry® is FDA-cleared, safe and effective with high patient satisfaction.

Profound® RF Cellulite Treatment

The Profound® RF treatment is a non-surgical procedure proven to reduce the appearance of cellulite with a 94% response rate. The Profound® system is a minimally invasive bipolar radiofrequency system which naturally creates new elastin, collagen, and hyaluronic acid formation.

PRO-NOX Nitrous Oxide Delivery System

PRO-NOX can help patients who are hesitant about having an in-office procedure due to anxiety or pain. You may be familiar with nitrous oxide used at dental offices, but there is also extensive experience in Labor and Delivery along with medical and surgical offices. It has been safely used for decades due to its ability to lessen the amount of pain and anxiety experienced during procedures.


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