Ohmic Thermolysis is a radiofrequency burst of energy which is used to reliably treat cosmetically unacceptable conditions of telangiectasia or spider veins.  It is the unique process of thermocoagulating small blood vessels using micro-bursts of high-frequency electrical energy, delivered into the vein via a thin probe. The resistivity of the vessels converts the energy to heat instantly, coagulating the blood and collapsing the vein wall.

This system generates a tiny, regulated, high-frequency current which is delivered to the vein via a hair-thin probe. A “microburst” of energy selectively heats the vein, coagulating the blood and collapsing the vessel wall, which is quickly absorbed into the body. All of this is accomplished without affecting the outer layers of the skin resulting in a quick return to normal daily activities.


  • Minimally invasive
  • Easy walk-in/walk-out procedure
  • No Patient downtime


*Can be combined with Pro-Nox Nitrous Oxide System for pain and anxiety relief. Athens Vein and Thoracic Specialists is one of the few practices in the area offering this combination of oxygen and nitrous oxide which is effective enough to ease pain and anxiety without medication.