The ClosureFast procedure is a minimally invasive treatment for patients with a condition known as venous reflux. Closure is done as an outpatient procedure in our office. Local anesthesia is used to ensure comfort during treatment. Using a single needle stick, a thin catheter is inserted into the greater saphenous vein. Through the catheter, radiofrequency energy is delivered to the vein wall, causing it to heat and seal shut. Following the procedure, the patient is fitted with a compression stocking and asked to refrain from strenuous activity for a short period of time. Most patients resume normal activity within 24 hours.



  • Outpatient procedure
  • Delivers proven results
  • Minimally invasive
  • Permanent closure of the treated Vein
  • Return to normal activity within 24 Hours



*Can be combined with Pro-Nox Nitrous Oxide System for pain and anxiety relief. Athens Veins is one of the few practices offering this safe and effective medication.

ClosureFast Instructions

Instrucciones de procedimiento de cierre de la vena

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